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Pushing Boundaries for Design Excellence

At Flair interiors, we place the highest levels of focus and attention on style, originality and function. We are passionate designers who take the extra step to inspire our clientele with attention to details, layouts, and finishes no matter the type of project. Leveraging our years of experience in the interior design field, we use a refined approach to guide our clients through the design process as simply as possible while keeping quality, timing and cost at the forefront of our priorities. Our interior design service helps people to live better through interior architecture. We solve problems, anticipate your needs and create a home that works for you. At Flair Interior Design, we take out the fear and help alleviate that overwhelming feeling that most clients experience when researching for their project, inspiring you instead with confidence that your project is in the best hands from initial inspiration to a completely finished home.


Our Interior Design Services


Depend on our dedicated project managers to handle all aspects of your project from planning, budgeting and more.


A fundamental element of interior design is space planning. Let our team help you create a beautiful, functional living space.


We offer custom millwork and vanity designs to add a unique and personal element to really enhance your space.


We are meticulous when it comes to selecting the right colour schemes and paint tones/materials, ensuring the highest quality.


Lighting can capture an interior space in its best elements, shifting the focus of inhabitants & guests to enhance the experience.


From beds and sofas to tables and more, furniture combines both function and flair. Rely on our keen eye for the best interior pieces.


The People Behind Flair:
Our Story & Passion for Design

Aysan Chavoshbashi Co Founder Designer


Aysan Chavoshbashi

A unique and elegant designer of residential and commercial spaces, Aysan Chavoshbashi was born and raised in Iran. Being raised in a family that appreciates arts, drawing and painting in particular, has enabled Aysan to develop an artistic sense. Combined with her strong intuitiveness and communication skills she always had an easy time understand the needs of her clients and bring them to reality. She achieved her Bachelors of Arts in Interior Design from Humber College.

Farnaz Habibi Senior Designer


Farnaz Habibi

Farnaz is a Toronto based designer graduated From Humber College with a Bachelor degree of Interior Design. She strives to create beautiful, textural, comfortable and functional spaces while providing excellent customer service and management. She has a background of working with all types of design software and she uses all to draw upon the timeless concepts of design while she works fearlessly to capture her client’s personality.

Flair Interior Design Team

We believe passion and creativity are essential elements that drive the design process. These combined with a unique mix of experience and technical skills in the team, has allowed us to ensure that every client is fully catered for regardless of the scale of their project. We strongly believe that a good working relationship begins with a proper introduction.


The Brands We Work With

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