Top 3 Luxury Bathroom Tile Ideas

Creating a luxurious bathroom can give you the spa-like relaxation space you have been desiring. The designers at Flair Interior Design recommend you upgrade your bathroom tiles to give your space the final touches of grand and elegance it needs. If you would like your shower tile, shower floor tile, floor tile, and wall tile to flow in your bathroom, read through this guide put together by a professional interior designer in Richmond Hill to help inspire you of quality tile options and ideas you should consider.

Mosaic Tiles

If you want elegance, the mosaic tile is an outstanding option that is popular for good reason. Mosaic tiles can add an intricate design to any bathroom wall, creating a bold statement. Mosaic tiles are created by combining tiles of different colours, sizes, shapes, and materials into one sheet that contributes to easy installation. Some stones that this sheet can be made from include marble, travertine, glass, metal, and more. Glass mosaic tiles can give a unique look and help you to achieve a classic elegance.

Stacked Stone Tiles

For years, stacked stone tiles have been used in residential spaces to upgrade the interior appeal of the home. These stones are specifically utilized in bathroom spaces as they capture the feeling of nature and serenity, giving the spa-like feeling you want in your bathroom. Stacked stones can be used for your shower wall or a vanity wall to create an atmosphere of natural beauty with natural tones. This type of stone tile can help bring the elements of your bathroom together by creating a space that overall looks upscale and valuable.

Marble Tiles

To elevate your bathroom into a luxury space, consider adding large marble tiles. These tiles can be used for walls, flooring, or both if you are looking to create unity between the two. This type of luxurious stone has proven the test of time and it remains a great option if you are looking to add a face of wealth and luxury. Marble tiles are offered in a variety of colours and patterns making it easy to choose a design that matches your visions. If you are looking to achieve a modern aesthetic in your bathroom, incorporating marble tiles might be the route you wish to take.

How we can help

In order to achieve a beautiful space design in your bathroom, working with the right interior design company can make all the difference. Our team at Flair Interior Design would be honoured to give you an interior design consultation and can be a team that can work with you to achieve a space you want and can be proud of. If you are looking to create a luxury bathroom, our designers want to encourage you to mix tile types, choose bold designs, and add unique character to your space.

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